"The mission of Campus Physical and Environmental Planning is to plan the use and physical character of campus land and its overall environment in order to maximize the use of campus land resources in support of the university's mission."

Welcome to the Office of Campus Physical & Environmental Planning (CPEP) at the University of California, Irvine. From this site you can find out who we are, learn about planning policies that guide our work, obtain descriptions of recent projects, and access other interesting links.

CPEP has primary responsibility for environmental and land use planning at UCI. Our goals include the promotion of well-planned, environmentally responsible development and re-development of lands under UCI's jurisdiction. Among our services, we provide planning analysis and consultation to campus administration through the Division of Finance & Administration. We also provide planning services to all campus organizations involved in physical development projects. We evaluate the siting and physical character of all proposed campus facilities. We identify the potential environmental impact of proposed development and recommend solutions. And we participate in the implementation and management of natural resource mitigation on the campus.

CPEP's small but dedicated staff strives to operate as an efficient, service oriented element of the UCI administration.